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colbian67, Male 53
About Me
​My personality is my best feature and that makes me me,a "large and lovely" man with good humor, total honesty and tons of heart committed to .Honesty, caring,outspoken,committed,down to earth. Friends have described me as "quintessentially effervescent", "bigger than life" (I say that depends upon how big a life you want!) and "simply complex." My sense of humor ranges from the silly to the sublime. I love to laugh and delight in making others laugh. I have a great big heart literally overflowing with love that's just aching to give that to the right person. I am extremely loyal - my life is more about the people in it than anything else. My family and friends are the most important parts of my life. I say what I mean and I mean what I say....I don't make promises I can't keep and definitely always walk the talk and not just talk the talk. But, mostly....I'm fun to be with. I'm genuine - always me - "I am what I am" and who you see is who you get i do not expect everyone to like me for that but i still believe to be your self is the best thing anyone can ever do for themselves irrespective if people like it or not ....
Cooking, Going Out, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Mcminnville, Oregon, United States